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Executive Search by Apostrof



2 juillet 2013

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Executive search is the recruitment of senior profiles – at Board and management level. Apostrof search consultants are engaged by companies to assess the market for talent and attract the best leaders to their business. The consulting engagement begins with a strategic review of business needs and industry trends. Then through comprehensive and exhaustive research appropriate leaders are identified and presented to our clients. Ultimately the engagement results in the recruitment offer and providing on-boarding support of recruited leaders.


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Executive Search for Senior Profiles


Because executives and top managers have special expectations and skills, they have their own specific labour market. With an unemployment rate below 5%, the executive community is practically in full employment, and therefore in post. Which means they answer very few job adverts.

Executives and top managers are a species apart. With regard to their work, they heavily commit and dedicate themselves to their job and company. They also expect a lot in return: tools for personal fulfilment such as development, training, advice, coaching, etc.

As you can understand, this population is demanding and in high demand, and companies give them strategic duties. So how do you encourage Talents and Leaders to take an interest in new career opportunities?

By headhunting, Apostrof offers to target rare, high-level profiles among the players on your market, or in associated activites. The direct approach process makes it possible to target skills rather than a job title.


Apostrof’s highly sophisticated methodologies


We pinpoint the advanced skills you are looking for to build your teams of experts. We advise you on search strategy by drawing up a list of target companies, inside which we will investigate. After identifying potential candidates, we approach them in full confidentiality and present your recruitment project to them. Throughout the process, we communicate with you to sign off the progress of our search activity and the appropriateness of the first candidates.

Interesting and interested candidates are then rigorously selected by Apostrof’s highly sophisticated methodologies, including competency-based interviews, professional role-playing tests called “assessment centers” and personality inventories. The idea being to ensure a watertight decision-making process by precisely diagnosing the skills and potential of your future colleague.

Apostrof’s exclusive mandate and long-term commitment help secure a lasting, successful executive hire for our client.





Whatever your goals, we can help you attract, motivate and find the right talent. To contact us, use the contact form or write to us directly on








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