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#1 Method To Evaluate Potential



4 juillet 2016

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Assessment Center is a precise evaluation method used for potential selection and recruitment. Including professional role-playing tests, personality inventories and competency-based interviews, this specific assessment focuses on behaviours like negotiating and managerial skills.

With in-house expertise across a range of aptitude and profiling tools Apostrof proposes tailored individual / team assessment and development. Our highly-sophisticated methodologies ensure a watertight decision-making process by precisely diagnosing the skills and potential of your (future) colleague.


See the entirety of the video clips (length 1’33 minutes)


#1 Method: Predictive validity


Are you preparing for a Transformation? Do you need to introduce Team Mapping? To find and develop new talent? To support employee?

Assessment Center is based on the principle of simulating a professional environment to provide complete assessments of an individual’s potential. In addition to specialized knowledge, Assessment Center offers a complete view of personal, relational skills and leadership abilities.

Apostrof delivers its Assessment Center expertise with in-person professional role-playing run by passionate 100 % expert consultants who respect the feelings and emotions of the person assessed.

As we believe that the starting point to great talent is personal knowledge – knowing your own strengths, we offer the most scientifically-proven method for potential assessment: Assessment Center. It is also the best tool for a new colleague’s acceptance or an existing one, doubling your chances of success.

At Apostrof we guarantee fast and effective implementation of our conclusions.




Whatever your goals, we can help you attract, motivate and find the right talent. To contact us, use the contact form or write to us directly on








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